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I need my house painted, but i also have some termite and dry-rot damage. 
Yes. We can usually repair or replace any wood which has been damaged by termites or dry-rot.

How often should my house be painted?
Well, it all depends. There are a lot of contributing factors that determine how long paint lasts. Poorly prepared surfaces will crack and peel. Darker colors will fade. Older wood will not hold paint like new wood. Also, the quality of paint used on past jobs can be one of these contributing factors.

The best advice is to paint before the exterior looks and gets damaged. The majority of the time spent on painting exteriors is in preparing the surface, sanding, patching, etc. If you set a time frame of every 4-6 years, there will be less time spent on this prep work than if you wait for every 8-10 years.

It’s also smart to touch up the problem areas as often as every 1 to 2 years. Maintaining your paint job will keep your home always looking beautiful and at its best, AND it also will reduce the risk of termites, dry-rot, and other expensive problems that come from neglect.

What colors do you recommend for my homes exterior?
The color you choose depends on your taste. Pick colors that best suit the style of your home. For example, if you have a Cape Cod style home, Northwestern colors (blues and greys) will look best than say Spanish Colonial style colors (yellows, oranges).

Also, consider the amount of sun your home gets when choosing colors. If your home is mostly in direct sunlight we suggest choosing a lighter more natural color to minimize fading. If your home is mostly in the shade you can choose darker more vibrant colors as they won’t be affected by the UV light and fade as quickly as they would in direct sunlight.

What are the differences between solid and semi-transparent stain?
Semi-transparent stains are best used on newer decks. They allow the deck to keep its natural wood grain appearance as well as protect it from the elements. When using a semi-transparent you will most likely need to re-stain every 2-4 years depending on the exposure it gets.

Solid stains can be used on any deck surface new or old. It does not allow the natural wood grain to show, and once a solid is put on a deck it is very difficult and costly to switch to a semi-transparent. Solid stains give a more “painted” look and last longer than semi-transparent stains. Re-staining is recommended every 3-5 years depending on the exposure the deck gets.


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